Why I Am Here

Jake Affronti
3 min readFeb 26, 2022

What brought me to Medium? (Queue Michael Scott from The Office)

Was it because I had — what felt like — an infinite amount of thoughts running through my mind all day?

Maybe it’s because deep down inside, I have always wanted to be a compelling storyteller, but in reality, I am not all that elaborate? I enjoy writing, but I never found myself to be… a writer?

There’s something exponentially different about having to articulate yourself through writing compared to public speaking. Having the ability to pause before you write your next sentence, or simply having the “backspace” button there to delete whatever it is you wrote. Whereas, public speaking, what you say to whomever is listening, can be permanent. At least with writing, the only time it becomes permanent is when you muster up the courage to finally smash, “Publish.”

As I’m thinking, articulation with writing becomes entirely different because in public speaking, there are so many different non-verbal queues such as your movements that emphasize and deploy different levels of energy. With writing, you have to find the correct verbiage that adds crescendo to your story, and then BOOM(!), you captivate your audience.

Are you captivated yet?

I wouldn’t be offended if you weren’t because me starting a Medium was a decision I made for myself to work on opportunities that I don’t find myself good at. Also, I find myself researching a lot of different things that I am currently interested in and this changes at any point in my life. As cool as it is to have a moleskin notebook, I’m a much faster typer than I am a writer.

So here we are.

At this point in my life, monetary and financial decisions run the world. What has been occupying my time — outside of my family and wife — is cryptocurrency, blockchain, nfts, and web3.0. Someone reading this might think, “OH GREAT! Another nerd who wants to write about blockchain and that crypto crap. NEXT!”


Thank you for the feedback, but it’s not going to stop be from developing my writing skills as I embark on a journey to educate myself on what is unraveling before our eyes. An entirely new frontier that brings us into the next era of living.


I am entirely wrong, and everything I have written (and will write) is a waste of time. Regardless, fundamental writing and storytelling skills. Remember that.

I suppose this is my why. Why I came to Medium, and why I am excited to set sail on this new journey. If you do like what you have read or are looking forward to what you will read, well, I appreciate you and I’m glad I won’t be alone.

Until next time,